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2009 NLETC Exhibitors

We were pleased that the following companies and organizations exhibited at our 2009 Conference in Tampa in August. We encourage you to contact them you should have any questions about their products or services.

American Aluminum Accessories, Inc.
Laura Albritton

American Aluminum Accessories has been the forerunner in Officer and K-9 Partner in-vehicle safety and protection since 1991 with the development of the E/Z-Rider K-9 Containment System and the E/Z-Rider Universal SUV Utility Slide-In Unit. These innovations changed the Officer - K-9 Partnership allowing for a more reliable and safe method of transportation and care. Our product line also includes Inmate Transporting Systems, K-9 Training aids, containment and animal control systems, and narcotic and evidence security storage containers and safes. Visit our company website: www.ezrideronline.com

BLACKHAWK Products Group
Rebecca Chapa
Toll Free: 800-694-5263, Ext.3214

BLACKHAWK Products Group is a leading U.S. manufacturer of tactical, military and law enforcement equipment. A global manufacturer of BLACKHAWK Tactical nylon gear; BLACKHAWK Body Armor; BLACKHAWK Hydration systems; BLACKHAWK Protective Gloves and Gear; Warrior Wear Apparel; CQC Holsters; Masters of Defense Knives and BLACKHAWK Blades; Night Ops Illumination Tools; Dynamic Entry Manual Entry Tools; BLACKHAWK Outdoors hunting gear, and Knoxx Recoil-Reducing Rifle and Shotgun stocks. GSA contract holder with GSA Participating Dealers, DoD Emall contract holder, and contracted AAFES vendor. Its three Prime Vendors also offer the entire Made-in-USA BLACKHAWK product line to government customers. BLACKHAWK products are available for personal, official and international purchase through various methods of procurement and contract vehicles to include over 300 items with assigned NSNs. BLACKHAWK Products Group is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia with U.S. manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, Montana and Idaho. Visit our company website: www.blackhawk.com

Center for Domestic Preparedness
Department of Homeland Security
Toll Free: 866-213-9553

The CDP’s mission is to operate a Federal training facility specializing in advanced hands-on training for America’s emergency responders. Visit the CDP website: http://cdp.dhs.gov

Digital Ally, Inc.
Ken McCoy
Toll Free: 800-440-4947

Digital Ally is a technology-driven company specializing in advanced digital video police cameras and law enforcement surveillance equipment. Utilizing the newest generation of technology, we manufacture the industry’s first Digital In-Car Video System that is integrated into a rear view mirror, a revolutionary wireless microphone, personal body camera & digital video system integrated into a law enforcement style flashlight. Visit our company website:

Digital Safety Technologies
Chance Waid
Robin Falcone

For real protection against frivolous lawsuits, vandalism and security threats, agencies need in-car digital video optimized for tough mobile environments. Digital Safety Technologies' advanced surveillance solutions have been designed from the ground up to meet the toughest standards of law enforcement organizations everywhere. Capture high-quality digital video and tag, transmit, archive and search the video for security and evidentiary purposes. Powerful software allows automatic fleet-wide updates for easy configuration and minimal out-of-service time.

Capturing video and related data is only the first step. Digital Safety Technologies' robust software applications allow instant retrieval by multiple search parameters and easy remote access to all video records. At the same time there is a secure audit trail to validate evidentiary integrity, empowering users with compelling information they can use in court with confidence. Accusations - even unfounded - of racial profiling and police misconduct can cost agencies millions of dollars annually in court costs. Much of this risk can be mitigated up-front by the presence of in-car camera systems. Compensatory costs can also be minimized through improved officer safety. Visit our company website: www.digitalsafetytech.com

Envision Product Design
Portable Video X-Ray
John Pursley

The OpenVision™ LT portable video x-ray system reveals the concealed! Imagine live, truly real-time video x-ray making it possible for you to see inside an abandoned bag, vehicle compartment, or suspect package in search of explosives, drugs, weapons, cash or concealed evidence at crime scenes or during investigations. OpenVision™ LT is a breakthrough in portable x-ray technology that can be safely hand-held or robot-deployed. No computer is required. X-ray images are immediately displayed on a head mounted display, LCD or remote wireless DV recorder. Since 1993, Envision has created digital innovations in x-ray imaging along with intelligent robotic crawlers and manipulation systems. See what Envision and video x-ray can do for you. Visit our company website: www.openvision.us

ForceOne Armor
Ed Ponce

ForceOne is a new kind of Body Armor company, dedicated to delivering personalized protection solutions to law enforcement professionals. Our experienced team of experts have set out to redefine the way that body armor and other protective gear is developed, working side-by-side with law enforcement as consultants in the body armor manufacturing process. At ForceOne body armor, our focus is on creating mission-specific ballistic armor engineered with new, light-weight and improved materials, increased functionality and solid good looks. In short – ForceOne Armor is the most comfortable, technological-advanced body armor and equipment available. We understand that protecting law enforcement officers today is a greater challenge than ever before. Now you can face this challenge head-on with a new partner in body armor and ballistic protection -- ForceOne.

All ForceOne products are crafted with pride in the United States of America. Visit our company website: www.ForceOneArmor.com

Glock Inc.
Randy Pitts

Glock handguns are common side-arms among law enforcement agencies and military organizations around the world. Glock pistols are very reliable, able to function under extreme conditions and fire a wide range of ammunition types. The simplicity of the Glock design contributes to this reliability, as it contains a relatively small number of components (nearly half as many as the typical handgun) making maintenance and repair easier.

The Glock's polymer frame makes them lighter than typical steel or aluminum-framed handguns, an attraction to police officers who carry firearms for extended periods of time. Glock pistols do not have any external controls such as levers, decockers, or manual safeties (stock). This adds to the simplicity of use and removes a potential source of error when operating the handgun under stress. Most of the steel components in a Glock pistol are treated with a nitriding process called "tenifer", which increases the surface hardness and makes the weapon resistant to corrosion and wear.

Glock also manufactures magazines, entrenching tools, knives, tactical lights and apparel. Visit our company website: www.glock.com

Ed Smith

HackneyUSA is a manufacturer of custom vehicles for hazmat and meth lab responses, command and communications, bomb/EOD, SWAT and other tactical applications. Premium all-aluminum bodies designed to withstand the rigors or high volume emergency responses. One-on-one design consultations by sales specialist supported by specialty vehicle engineering staff. Visit our company website: www.hackneyev.com

Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Misty Oelhafen

Harley-Davidson 2009 Police Motorcycles are the FLHTP Electra Glide, the FLHP Road King and the new Buell XB12XP Ulysses. Both the FLHTP and FLHP offer a new Frame, Swing arm, increased GVW, increased Lean Angle and optimized ABS. They have the 1690cc Twin Cam® 103 engine, 6-speed transmission and optional ABS. The new Buell Ulysses can be ridden on paved and unpaved roads and feature a 1203 cc Thunderstorm Engine a full emergency lighting kit. Visit our company website: www.harley-davidsonpolicemotors.com

Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM)
L. R. Jacob

The mission of the Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM) is to provide the law enforcement community with the highest quality of training at competitive prices. By providing this service, IPTM continues to support law enforcement's efforts in building and maintaining safer communities. IPTM is just one of the many award winning Centers and Institutes at the University of North Florida (UNF). Visit our website: www.iptm.org

Safety Bullet
Rick Humphreys

Now, for the first time in history you can have a safety device that works when your gun is unloaded or loaded. More importantly, it allows you to make your gun ready to fire faster than any other safety device ever made! It takes less than 1 second to remove the Safety Bullet® and load a lethal round! ONE SECOND!! Yet, if a child or an intruder finds your firearm and pulls the trigger and you have a Safety Bullet® installed, your gun just became instantly disabled. There is nothing else like this in the marketplace, nothing!! It's fast, easy, fast, simple, fast, and safe. Did we also mention that it's FAST?!! Read all about Safety Bullet® in the American Cop Magazine, May/June 2009 issue. Visit our company website at: www.safetybullet.com

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools
Scott Sherwood
425-771-9230, Ext. 225

Totally committed to creating the world's finest specialized knives and tools, SOG became the first knife manufacturer to expand its line to include a broad scope of fixed blades, folding knives and multipurpose tools. Each product is created by Founder and Chief Engineer, Spencer Frazier, his patented inventions and unique, futuristic style have earned SOG many awards and Frazer the recognition as an industry innovator and premier designer.

SOG is the world's leader of specialized fixed blade knives. All of SOG's fixed blades offer superior sharpness, styling, feel and balance. This is why the US Navy SEALs and other elite forces choose to carry SOG fixed blades on fronts around the world. You want cool? Okay, how about award-winning folding knives that combine experimental design with precision engineering? SOG takes risks to bring you technological advancements such as the Arc-Lock™ and the patented SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T.™). SOG owners don't just love their multi-tools, they depend on them every day for the expected and the unexpected. SOG makes the only multi-tools in the world with one-handed flip opening and gear driven Compound Leverage™ for double the plier power. From our miniatures to our industrial models, SOG has a multi-tool for every vocation.

Today, SOG products are distributed around the world and renowned for their uncompromising style and performance. Visit our company website: www.sogknives.com